Natalie Kilkenny at a glance

Kilkenny snapshot: Kilkenny began at Denver’s Bovine Metropolis Theater in Denver in 2007 with a year of improv classes. After that she performed and continued with workshops and classes wherever and with whomever she could. She now teaches at the Bovine and plays with five or six different troupes. In Denver, Kilkenny has appeared at the Bovine, the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, The Avenue Theater, and the Blush and Blu. Recently, she did the Ladies are Funny Fest in Austin, TX., and the Twin Cities Improv Festival in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. She chairs the non-profit organization that puts together the Denver Improv fest, (Oct. 16-20, In addition, Kilkenny has recently started doing stand up at the Mercury Café in Denver. She grew up in Colorado Springs, graduated from UNC with a degree in sociology and moved to Denver in 1993. Her day job is working for the global information company, IHS, training engineering customers on how to use their on-line products.

Author: Michelle LeJeune

Michelle LeJeune is the editor and publisher of Her life-long addiction to laughter has resulted countless, banana-peel type follies and concussions of happiness.

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