Never Over-Stuff Your Junk Clutch

Dear Sashia,

My cell phone, my laptop, my makeup too-what kind of a purse can I carry that will hold my stuff but not make me look like a bag lady?

Dear Bagged,

Look, it is all a matter of priorities. Pick your purse according to a pyramid. At the very top, a tiny purse to carry just the things you absolutely need. Keys go everywhere. Wallet and cell phone next. Then lip gloss, Kleenex, pen, and Tic-Tacs. The next layer is the bigger stuff.

You get the picture. Use several different purses that will carry different amounts of junk. Switch according to what you are wearing and how much you need to haul. Please remember to purge your vessel at least once a month. Over-stuffed totes are unsexy and say, “Hi, here I am carrying life’s baggage everywhere with me.”

I consider my purse the essential accessory. It is always with me, needs to be purged once a month, and gets junk put in it, just like my vagina.


Author: Sashia Atwell

Sashia Atwell is a community college student with lots of opinions. Her family is unwealthy, so that’s why she goes to community college. Also, she hates the word poor and how old people refuse to learn to text.

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