April fools cat

In a stunning act of deception, April fooled her cat Butterscotch into playing with basil leaves over the weekend.

April placed the leaves in the catnip mouse she purchased for Butterscotch at Christmas. She told broad reporters and  camera woman later that Butterscotch was so bored and well, and her garden had produced so much basil, tricking her cat this way was a kind of an inspiration.

“It’s like,” April told a camera woman, “Butterscotch got so wound up, she was rolling on the floor. I even got her to chase the sun reflecting off my watch. She chased that spot across the floor and up the wall.” April shook her head in disbelief, “just like catnip. It was magic.”

The camera crew was disappointed to miss the exploits with the watch. However, they did capture breathtaking footage when Wags, April’s dog, benefited from Butterscotch’s buzz by getting an awesome contact high.



Author: Morgan LaScribe

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