Spring’s Sweet Grasses

In the middle of a freshly melted meadow

among the newly sprouted sweet spring grasses,

young bunnies gather—

girl bunnies on one side, the other boys.

Pretty, long-eared beauties twitch their wet noses

and blink their doe eyes at the bucks.

The boy bunnies, full of spring’s vigor, feel brave.

One young buck with nothing but cotton tails in mind

approaches a cute keeper. They smile,

then together kick up a lucky rabbit foot.

There is a thumping of hops.

The brief encounter finishes, then

they share a few bites of tender, sweet grass.

Intoxicated, they look at each other.

He says, “That was fast. You got any sisters?”

They turn and hop to find another.

It is spring, and bunnies will be bunnies.


Author: Glennostar Beckmann

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