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Make Your Dollars go Further with Babs the Barter Broad

Want to make your dollars go further? Don’t use them. That’s right, chickies, bartering is back! And Babs the Barter Broad is here to answer your questions about proper exchange rates and getting a good deal. Remember, there are no stupid questions, just questions asked by stupid people. Dear Babs: I’ve got to find a […]

filfthy rich

Interview with the Filthy Rich: Are Your Genes to Blame?

Dr. Lovejoy helps a richy-rich with her remorse and uncovers a shocking mindset that takes a bite outta altruism.

Leprechaun Stops Working

Morgan LaScribe Reports: Tooth Fairy Tweaked by Loser Leprechaun

The Tooth Fairy experiences fiscal crisis after bailing out green-clad pipe-smoking Bartley O’Reily.

Hunger can come from get rich quick books

Bookish Type Gets Hungry Quick After Get Rich Quick Book

In American everyone can be rich! It’s simple! Read this story, all 300 million of you, and send me $1. I promise, one of us could get rich, TODAY!


Top 10 Problems Rich People Probably Have

Rich people have problems, too. Wilson recently took some time out of her frivolous, poor-person day to write about them.

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College Fashion For the Hopelessly Unaware

College Fashion for the Hopelessly Unaware

But great thinkers like Aristotle, Plato, and Shakira not only changed the world with their charismatic appeal and brains; they looked amazing in underpants. Read this. Be like them.

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Never Over-Stuff Your Junk Clutch

Purse tree

No one, save for an actual bag lady, wants to look like a bag lady. This is purse management 101.
Bonus personal reveal from Sashia Atwell at the end.

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The War on Posing Stupid For Fashion Starts Here

The War on Posing Stupid for Fashion Starts Here

broad brings you the war to end all wars: The War on Posing Stupid For Fashion. The time is ripe to become an anti-fashion poser.

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Lecture 2 “Case Study: Breast Size Matters”

Breast Size Matters

Are fashion trends getting you down? Can’t wear plunging necklines like Amy Adams without a wardrobe malfunction? Dr. Lovejoy has the cure: forgiveness, radical acceptance and self-love.

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The Zen of Near-Miss Fashion

The Zen of Near-Miss Fashion

The stages of grief and the stages of fashion enlightenment are strangely similar in this moving piece that takes you from hit-and-miss good taste to high water pants and your husband’s slippers.

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Popping Tags High School Reunion Housewife Style

Popping Tags High School Reunion Style

Loose Weight! Save Money! Look Awesome and Recapture Your Youth by reading this great fashion story by Fashion Expert Lisa Appleton.

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